sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010


Titulo Autor
Going to Far Jennifer Echols
The Last Shot Lynn Schooler
Stargirl Jerry Spinelli
The Monk Upstairs Tim Farrington
High School Musical 3 Walt Disney
American Gospel Jon Meachan
Stirring it up Garry Hirshberg
A Holistic guide to pregnacy and childbirth Deepak Chopra
L´espirit du mal Nathalie Zaltzman
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte
The art of racing in the rain Garth Stein
Let the northen lights erase your name Vendela Vida
Patient Autonomy and the Ethics of Responsability Alfred I. Tauber
Encyclopedia Brown Donald J Sobol
My Book wook Russel Brand
Movie Guide 2009 Leonard Maltin´s
1001 people who made america Alan Axelrod
Vintage LA Jennifer Brandt Taylor
The starving way Nana Lubelski
The Childre of hurin JJR Tolkien
The Rosetta Key William Dietrich
Twilight Stephenie Meyer
Slavery History and historians Peter J. Parish
The Faerie Path Frewin Jones
The Story of general dann and Maras Doris Lessing
A Frenemies novel Alexa Young
Mean Mothers Peg Streep
Twitter wit Nick Douglas
Peasants and Other Stories Anton Chekhov

quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010


Devido ao blog estar em processo de construção, os detalhes dos livros à venda ainda estão sendo elaborados. No entanto, temporariamente, para saber mais a respeito de cada título, sugerimos a utilização da ferramente de busca do site da LIVRARIA CULTURA. Quase todos títulos estão incluídos no acervo da Livraria Cultura e alguns deles têm, inclusive, segmentos da obra disponíveis para leitura online.

Título Autor

The voyage of the Dawn treader C.S.Lewis
The edge of disaster Stephen Flynn
Blood on the forge William Attaway
Desert Father James Cowan
The titans curse Rick Riordan
Dutiful Daughter Simone de Beuvoir
To the last man Jeff Shaara
Chesapeake John Page Willian
Princess Forever Meg Cabott
Mission Black list 1 Eric Madoy
Heroic Conservatism Michel J Gerson
The genius in the design Jake morrissey
The fifth sacred thing Star Hawke
Stormy Weather Paulet Jules
The Remedy Michelle Lovric
Dynamics of faith Paul Tillich
50 Simples things you can save the earth John Jawa
Cheney Stephen F Hayes
A Dark Sacrifice Madeline Howard
Ghost train to the eastern star Paul Teroux
The space between before and after Jean Reynolds
The Little book of bussiness card David e Carter
Storm from the east Milton Viorst
The cleft Doris Lessing
Stephanie Laurens Were the Hart Leads
The windows of east wick John Updike
The Edge of winter Luane Rice
The voyage of the Dawn treader Cronicles narnia
Na uncertain in heritance nell casey
Prime green Robert stone
Jimmy Stewart Marc Eliot
Why Mars and Venus Collide Jonh Gray
The Death and Life of Bobby Z Don Winslow
Morte D´Urban JF Power
Crazy Busy Edward M. Hallowell
Transfiguration John Dear



Caso surja interesse por algum dos títulos, escreva para ou entre em contato diretamente com a Sede, nos telefones (11)3229-8823 (11)3228-8780.

Caso queira receber a lista completa de obras disponíveis por email, escreva-nos.

Temos Disponível DUAS CADEIRAS DE RODAS para Doação.
Interessados podem entrar em contato diretamente com a Sede.

Ajude-nos a divulgar a lista de livros em seus blogs, sites e listas de emails! A Associação agradece!


Livros de literatura na língua inglesa, todos NOVOS, sendo vendidos à R$ 1,50 cada.

Titulo Autor

The silver Chair CS Lewis
Night of the living Deep Susan Mcbride
Giving Bill Clinton
Stigma Philip Hawley Jr
Boy tales of Childhood Ronald Dahl
End of story Peters Abrahans
Love and Perish Laura Durhan
Diammond Isle Stan Nicols
Movie Guide Leonard Maltins
Bark for murder JÁ Jance
At some disputed barricade Anne Perry
Shadows in the white city Robert W. Walker
Lost Caution Eillen Chang
Mikes Election Guide Michael Moore
Kierom Smith Boy James Kelman
The Pat Seeken
The Wooden sheeperd dese Richard Houghs
The life of Lasarillo Juan Goytisolo
The Golden Compass Phillip Pullman
The Maquiavelli Governant Allan Folson
The Gallery John Horne
X Rated blood Sucker Mario Acevedo
Hell and Highwater Joseph Romm
The side Effect Bob Reiss
Liffe Less Mark Billinghan
24 hours John whitmann

LIVROS À R$ 1,50

Titulo Autor

The skin Cors Richard Mont mari
Hit Parade Lawrence Block
The Toos of a Lemon Padma Viswana Than
The girl who Plaied whit fire Stieg Larson
The mistmantle M.T. Mclister
A Darkness at Sethanow
The Serpent on the Crown Elisabeth Peters
Tempting evil Alison Brennam
Taft Ann Patchett
What if Liz Ruckdeschell
Vampire Kisses Ellen Schreiber
Chu Jus House Gloria Whelam
High School Musical
The Titans Curse Rick Riordan
The divine Mlieu Pierre Teichard
Night life Thomas Perry
Night of the living Susan Mcbride
The last Battle CS Lewis
Setting the table Danni Meyer
By Blood Written Steven womack
seventh sinner Elisabeth Peters
Shadown man Cody Mcfayden
The Seasonning of a chefe Doug Pesactis
The wine Ellen Kaye
Crys Dev Craig Berston
Amazing Grace Danielle Steel
The big Squezze Steave Green House
World without end Ken Folled
The Valkiries Paulo Coelho
The body Ivy Katherine Hall Page
From londom with love Lenna Lenna Petersson
Mara and Dann Doris LEssing
Assassins Galery David Robbis
Metropolis Elisabeth Gaffney
Rococo Adrianan Trigiane

LIVROS À R$ 1,50

Titulo Autor

See Jane run Joy Filding
Be wolf a verse tranlation Michael alexande
Love again Doris Lessing
Deady Sest Bevery Jenkins
Serena Ron Rash
The voyage of down treader CS Lewis
Like a dog with a bone Lee Charles Kelley
A Poisoned Season Tasha Alexander
Never Tell a lie Hallie Ephron
Reservation road John Burnhand
Natural Selection David freedman
On Dead Lori Avocato
What if Liz and Sara James
Disgrace Jim Coeetzee
Chasing Red Bird Sharon Creech
Your blues aint like maine Bee Moore Campebell
The Berlim Conspirace Tom Gabbay
Dinamics of faith Paul Tillich
Vampire Interrupted Lindsay Sands
Allan´s Torch Tracy Dahby
The Middle Place Kerri Corrigan
the chick na the dead Casey Daniels
Elisaeth the golden age Tasha Alexander
Maimonwides Sherin B Nulano
The Peregrine JA baker
The Longevity Cary Small MD
The Furies Darfenne Merrin
World Country John Ashberry
The Serpent on the Crown Elisabeth Peters
Diana Chronics Tina Brown
Infinity in the palm of her hand Gioconda Belli
Wine Guide Leslie S Brocco
Run Ann Patchet


Titulo Autor

Princess in love Meg Cabot
Survivol of the Sickest Sharon mnollen
Runaway Alice Monrow
Hide Lisa Gardener
Chaser Lorenzo Carcaterra
Mask Marked Andrew Valssh
Wine Report 2008 Tom Stevenson
Secrets of a lady Tracy Grand
Mother Nature Hanna Seliwgson
The wolrd Almanac
Why I like this Cintia Kaplaw
The Race Beat Gene Robert
At some disput barricate Anne Perry
Cowdemened Rob Hedden
Farewell Summer Ray Brand Buri
Night of Jaguar Michael Grubber
Big Stone Gap Adriana Trigiawi
Why are Jews Liberals Norma Podoreths
Shadown Of Power Paul Madrianni
Around the wolrd in 80 dinner Bil Jamilson
Pilgrim at Tinffer Greek Anne Dillard
City of the Absent Robert WoWalker
Dragond fire Todd Mcfrey
Untitled a book lovers mistery Julie Kavert
Chu jus house Gloria Whelam
Seventh Sinner Elisabeth Peters
Nip Tuck Dead Lori Vocato
MistraLS SO KISS Laurell k hamilton
Stalematte Iris Johansen
Ling With Sranger James Crippando
Speak of devil Richard Halking
Dirty South Ace Atkins
The second perimeter Mike lowson
Storn Runner Jefferson Parker