quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

LIVROS À R$ 1,50

Titulo Autor

See Jane run Joy Filding
Be wolf a verse tranlation Michael alexande
Love again Doris Lessing
Deady Sest Bevery Jenkins
Serena Ron Rash
The voyage of down treader CS Lewis
Like a dog with a bone Lee Charles Kelley
A Poisoned Season Tasha Alexander
Never Tell a lie Hallie Ephron
Reservation road John Burnhand
Natural Selection David freedman
On Dead Lori Avocato
What if Liz and Sara James
Disgrace Jim Coeetzee
Chasing Red Bird Sharon Creech
Your blues aint like maine Bee Moore Campebell
The Berlim Conspirace Tom Gabbay
Dinamics of faith Paul Tillich
Vampire Interrupted Lindsay Sands
Allan´s Torch Tracy Dahby
The Middle Place Kerri Corrigan
the chick na the dead Casey Daniels
Elisaeth the golden age Tasha Alexander
Maimonwides Sherin B Nulano
The Peregrine JA baker
The Longevity Cary Small MD
The Furies Darfenne Merrin
World Country John Ashberry
The Serpent on the Crown Elisabeth Peters
Diana Chronics Tina Brown
Infinity in the palm of her hand Gioconda Belli
Wine Guide Leslie S Brocco
Run Ann Patchet

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