quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2010

LIVROS À R$ 1,50

Titulo Autor

The skin Cors Richard Mont mari
Hit Parade Lawrence Block
The Toos of a Lemon Padma Viswana Than
The girl who Plaied whit fire Stieg Larson
The mistmantle M.T. Mclister
A Darkness at Sethanow
The Serpent on the Crown Elisabeth Peters
Tempting evil Alison Brennam
Taft Ann Patchett
What if Liz Ruckdeschell
Vampire Kisses Ellen Schreiber
Chu Jus House Gloria Whelam
High School Musical
The Titans Curse Rick Riordan
The divine Mlieu Pierre Teichard
Night life Thomas Perry
Night of the living Susan Mcbride
The last Battle CS Lewis
Setting the table Danni Meyer
By Blood Written Steven womack
seventh sinner Elisabeth Peters
Shadown man Cody Mcfayden
The Seasonning of a chefe Doug Pesactis
The wine Ellen Kaye
Crys Dev Craig Berston
Amazing Grace Danielle Steel
The big Squezze Steave Green House
World without end Ken Folled
The Valkiries Paulo Coelho
The body Ivy Katherine Hall Page
From londom with love Lenna Lenna Petersson
Mara and Dann Doris LEssing
Assassins Galery David Robbis
Metropolis Elisabeth Gaffney
Rococo Adrianan Trigiane

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